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Posted: 2009-05-07
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Update 01/06/08: A newer version of PyroCMS is now available which fixes many bugs and issues of the version linked to in this article and greatly improves speed, stability and useability of the admin panel. There is also now a homepage which links to the demo and download details at

This CMS has been in development for a long time and is the main reason for my lack of posting recently. Since I decided this should be released open source I have been pouring all of my "online time" into getting this ready for the public.

It has been through beta testing by several members of the CodeIgniter community who were all very helpful. Thanks to them I have been able to get it working on Windows, add Cyrillic character support and get the code running in any directory not just the web root.

Version 0.9 was tagged last night, but was followed by an almost immediate v0.9.1 as I was a little too tired to remove debugging data before the final commit. Doh!

Anyway, if you plan on starting a site or app soon and would like a quick-start, try going with PyroCMS. It has the following modules already and will have even more amazing features by v1.0 planned for next month.

  • Categories
  • Photo albums
  • Products
  • Suppliers
  • Permissions
  • Navigation
  • Themes
  • Settings
  • News
  • User management
  • User control panel
  • User profiles
  • Pages

It also has the foundation for multi-language support but many of the modules have not been converted to use language strings. This is one of several big features planned for v1.0.

  • Full english lang-file support
  • CMS installer
  • Comments admin interface
  • User specific permisisons
  • Theme editor to allow editing copies of core views in the db
  • Add / Remove modules interface
  • Replace Spaw with TinyMCE /w TinyCIMM (Image upload/manage)

To keep track of updates to PyroCMS there are several ways to do it. You can follow me on twitter, watch the GitHub code repo or watch the Assembla space.

Please download it and break it if you can. If you have any ideas please e-mail me, tweet me or post them as GitHub issues. I would love to include any good ideas you have.

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