The CodeIgniter Community goes on holiday to NYC

Posted: 2011-04-19
Category: CodeIgniter

The CodeIgniter Community has decided to have a little holiday this summer, and head to New York for not just a meet up, but the biggest gathering of CodeIgniter developers to ever happen. The last event was in a pokey low budget venue in a rough part of Bristol UK, this event will be right bang smack in the middle of Manhatten, NY with a great venue and some amazing speakers.

There will be talks from the CodeIgniter Reactor Engineers, the EllisLab teams themselves and people involved in Forrst, PyroCMS, PHPFog and all sorts of other exciting things. There will be masterclasses teaching you the basics if you are pretty new to CodeIgniter, or an advanced track showing you how to do some crazy stuff. Something for everyone!

We've got a few of the top members of the CI community to say a few words about their experiences in CodeIgniter, how they got into it and why they are looking forward to the event this summer.

Personally I can't wait. Buy a ticket and I'll see you all there. The first round is on me.

For more information on who is speaking check out the CICON2011 website.

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