Video: Pancake 3.1 overview

Posted: 2011-08-17

We've been working hard on PancakeApp - a CodeIgniter-based Invoicing system - and it's getting to be a real power-house of features. This is turning out to be more of a "Freelancers Side-kick" with not just invoicing but project management, time tracking and the starting of some great CRM features. The video is about 11 minutes but it's worth it so please take a look. In the mean-time I will be working on Milestones and Call Logs.

If you like the look of PancakeApp then take a look at the site for more information. I'm not just another guy selling another product, I generally think PancakeApp is a brilliant addition to any freelancer or small businesses armoury of software. I used to use an application for Invoicing, one for Project Management and another for Time Tracking, all of which cost a download free or a monthly subscription. PancakeApp does the lot and once it's downloaded you never have to pay again. Hell you never even have to UPGRADE again, it does it for you as soon as a new version comes out with the auto-updater.

I have set up a discount code for the first 10 sales to save you the price of a good beer. The code is "have_a_beer_0811" and will knock $7 off the download price. Go grab it!



Chris Southam


Loving your work :)



Hi Phil.

Amazing work !

However, I feel your business model is may be wrong.

"High" starting price (less conversion), self hosted solution (less conversion and few user data) and no long term revenues for you (less money)... That's a lot of disadvantages in my opinion.

I understand why you do that, but I think it deserves better :)

Good luck for all your projects.



If you compare to Freshbooks you will be "buying a copy" every 3 months. This price is fair for how much Pancake does and we don't feel the need to earn money from customers every month.

Much like PyroCMS, we are offering a product for a reasonable price which will help you to make money yourself. We don't want to tie people in, or even tie their data into our servers by offering this as a subscription-based hosted solution on our servers.

All the pains of having a hosted solution are gone as the auto-upgrader means you never need to touch Pancake once it is up.

The installer is so easy that several users lacking technical experience have had no problems with installing, so we feel this is all working out pretty well.

A one-time $49 fee is better than $20 forever. Wouldn't you agree?

Adam Jackett


This is me kicking myself for not buying it sooner. Great work. I'm sick of QuickBooks, plus and you're right, I don't want to pay a monthly fee. Right now I'm paying an annual fee and it sucks. I shall be making my purchase in early September (as the next 2 weekends are going to be killer on the wallet lol). See you this weekend.

Logan Gray


@Joffrey High Price?!?! You must be kidding! I bought it when it was $29 just to look at the source code, and get some hints/tricks with codeignitor. I thought it was a great deal then, AND it didn't do half of what it does now. So now, with 3 or 4 times the features, and at price tag of $49, one time, it's still a pretty awesome deal.

If there was anything wrong with the business model, I'd say it was that he didn't charge some $$ for upgrades. Seriously - developers don't get free beer. They have to pay for it just like everyone else. It's pretty obvious they have put a lot of work into this thing - I find it odd that you would not want to compensate the team for all their hard work.

(Please note: I don't work for pancakeapp or ellislabs or any such such - I'm just another freelance developer much like these guys)

Ivan González


There are lots of people thinking in that way... 'put it on the cloud and you will get higer revenues', but unless you're a crack which a cracking product (twitter, foursquare or angry birds) you will get less, and will have more infraestructural costs (someone should maintain the servers and keep it working well upgrade after upgrade). 49$ is a ridiculous price if you think how many hours should Phil had invested on it, but the market says you can't ask for more if you want to sell, unless you give a value added service included. And no, we don't get free beer neither, we pay bills also.

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