CodeIgniter Conference 2012 SF

Posted: 2012-05-31
Category: CodeIgniter

So only two months until the return of CICONF to America! Last year was CICONF2011 NY which was a great experience. There we announced the availability of CodeIgniter on GitHub, released CodeIgniter 2.1-dev and saw over 50 pull requests get made to CodeIgniter by developers trying to win my iPad. Then we had CICONF2012 in London, and now it's off to San Francisco for more CodeIgniter nerdery.

There are going to be more great speakers this year, including some attendees from last year which is great to see! 

  • Aaron Kuzemchak
  • Ben Edmunds
  • Calvin Froedge
  • Erik Giberti
  • John Crepezzi
  • John Corry
  • Keeny Katzguru

Also, I'll be giving a talk too. As with many conferences the exact talk details are yet to be finalised, but we all have very exciting topics in mind. In London we learned about unit testing in CI, API driven development, using ORMs (and why they aren't evil) and amongst other things we saw a few developers how you can use CI to speed up your workflow. This year will be similar, but you won't have to listen to as many British people (which I know can be hard work!).

I have a few fun announcements to make, games to host and prizes to give awat, which is always a pleasure. If you aren't there you wil certainly be missing out.


Rh Becker


Are CICONF talks recorded / archived?

Matthew Schenker


Wish I could be there. I'm in the Boston area. Last year, when the conference was in New York, was my best chance I guess -- but I wasn't into CodeIgniter yet at that time! I'd also be interested in knowing if the talks are recorded.



They certainly are. We got a few of the talks from London up here:

This venue will be much better than the London conference, so the sound will be drastically better for our next batch of videos. I also have much better experience filming too, so we will get more than 50% of them covered properly!



Oh! I'm italian. Maybe It's too far :(



@Satie nice to know there's another Codeigniter fan.. contact us if you are a good developer interested in developing projects based on this framework! see ya

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