Goals for 2013

Posted: 2013-01-25

Back in 2010 I set myself a list of goals and put them online in the hope that it would be some extra motivation. I actually did pretty well I believe, and while a few of them didn't happen I got around to most of them since.

Since then I've focused on other things. My goals for 2011 were mainly "Backpack around America and Canada without getting killed or arrested (both nearly happened), then try to not be homeless when I get back to the UK" then 2012 was "Work for as many people as possible, then sort out a visa and get my ass to the USA".

That was good but now it's time to go again!


  • Go to Thailand
  • Go to New Zealand
  • Go to Mexico


  • Build an EmberJS app
  • Build an iPhone app


Fitness / Outdoors

  • Skydive
  • Complete Double-Black Diamond Skiing
  • Complete Black Diamond Snowboarding
  • Cycle an insanely long way Done a few of these. Boston to New York was certainly the furthest. Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
  • Hike through the Grand Canyon
  • QUIT SMOKING FOR GODS SAKE 6 months with only occasional Friday night failure every two weeks or so. I'll take it.

Many of these are not so time consuming or life changing. Last time "Read 10 books" was a mission in between all the freelance and everything else, but now as Lead Engineer of Kapture most of my time is taken up, so I have picked things I feel I can achieve at work within our deadlines, and on weekends or holidays.

Maybe nobody cares, but this is helpful for me.


Khayrattee Wasseem


NICE! Get going hop hop

Christian D.


despite what people say I think it's always worth writing down your goals. It shouldn't be to hard for you to find a Century (100 miles!) ride in New York. Might be a little hard on a single gear, but it can be done. In my life I've done two of them...took all day, but glad I did them. giving some thought to a marathon now...we'll see on that!



Good Luck!



Write a book! Write a book!! Write a book!!!



Just a quick question: Why in your goals you choosed to build an EmberJS app and not use AngularJS? I'm asking it not because I think that one is better than the other but I would like to learn a javascript framework and I don't know which one!

Malachi Soord


As a long time lurker on your site I've always been inspired your blog posts, code, and dedication to the PHP community. The attitude you write with in your post I admire and I you the best of luck with your 2013 plans :)

Gabriel Novaes


... continue writing the blog and helping the community.

Brazilians also thank.



I have the same question as Raphael(is this guy who wrote the js SVG lib?). I think Angular is better but Ember is a tradition way, I mean without "polluting" the HTML. But Angular way is more semantic and they said it's the HTML6 style. I downloaded Pyro 2.20, it's really a big step. Thanks,

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