October 2008

Version 0.8 of StyleDNA CMS hits the streets!

Posted 2008-10-13
Category PyroCMS
This has been one of the most involving versions so far with the most change involved. It has been tricky to get done but im very proud of it!

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SSH anywhere on anything

Posted 2008-10-08
Notice you have a bug in your site but your at work with a proxy in place? On your friends computer who doesn't want you installing Putty? Have no fear, consoleFISH is here!

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PHP Library for the Command Line

Posted 2008-10-07
Not looking forward to using a different language to get some command line work done? It could be worth it, but we don't all have the spare time to learn. Cut some time with this PHP class.

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Deploying sites with SVN

Posted 2008-10-02
Ever got fed up with FTP uploading multiple sites and forgetting which files need to go where? Sure you could delete the whole thing and upload it all, but that way you have downtime. I found a solution recently that works perfectly and is quick as hell.

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Posted 2008-10-01
Category CodeIgniter
It has been a damn long time since my last post, but I have my reasons. Normally I mess around with random technologies teaching myself fun new things over command line or coding scripts that do useful things. For the last 4 or 5 months however I have been manically bashing out code for a CMS I am working on. That CMS, is finally almost here.

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