July 2009

How to: Create a Twitter feed with full syntax support

Posted 2009-07-28
Category PHP
If you have a project that you would like to add a Twitter feed to, but do not want to add in a massive library for the one feed, take a look at this very simple PHP snippet that will give you full synatx support.

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iPhone Upgrade - Upgrade cheap, free or for profit

Posted 2009-07-20
Find out how you can save money upgrading your iPhone contract with o2. You could save yourself £400 just by waiting 2 months! If you have the right criteria, you could even make a profit on the upgrade. Find out how.

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Create an Admin panel with CodeIgniter

Posted 2009-07-08
Category CodeIgniter
A topic I see come up on the CodeIgniter forums quite a lot is "How do I create an admin panel" in CodeIgniter? This article will show you the best structure for your admin panel, but leave the actual code to you.

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Rant: Fed up with Twitter news!

Posted 2009-07-01
Is anybody else getting really bored of Twitter news? These days it seems to be everywhere; you cannot get away from it. Do you - like myself - find it really difficult to give a damn?

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