December 2009

CodeIgniter Template library

Posted 2009-12-29
Category CodeIgniter
Working with multiple views in CodeIgniter has always been a pain. Out of the box CodeIgniter provides no real way of having a layout file or header/footer functionality. This library makes the whole process very easy and gives lots of useful methods for shared output.

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Twiny-Framework: the framework small enough to tweet

Posted 2009-12-15
Category PHP

Many frameworks say they are lightweight, quick and easy on your server, but none are as lightweight as my new "framework" which is so lightweight it can fit in a Tweet.

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Why CodeIgniter HTML helper functions rock

Posted 2009-12-14
Category CodeIgniter
A complaint I often hear about CodeIgniter is one about HTML helper functions like form_open(), doctype() and img(). This post helps explain what they are and why they are useful.

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CodeIgniter on PHP 5.3

Posted 2009-12-10
Category CodeIgniter

Find out how to make PHP 5.3 shut up complaining about "warning: date(): It is not safe to rely on the system's timezone settings" and deprecated functions in your CodeIgniter applications.

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PyroCMS v0.9.7.3 released

Posted 2009-12-07
Category PyroCMS
After a long wait the new stable PyroCMS has been released which adds German language support and a bunch of other bug-fixes.

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