February 2010

Deploying websites with Git

Posted 2010-02-23
Category Git
Use Git to deploy your web applications without having to faff with FTP syncronisation or manually working out which files need to be uploaded.

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CodeIgniter Base Classes: Keeping it DRY

Posted 2010-02-08
Category CodeIgniter

Most applications in CodeIgniter will have various types of pages. Logic for these types of pages is normally copied between all of their different Controllers which means, for example,  if the way the admin area protection is handled is changed there will be lots of Controllers to change and test. This logic can instead be shared by some creative extending of the Controller class to create custom Base Controllers like Public_Controller, Admin_Controller, etc.

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Working with RESTful services in CodeIgniter

Posted 2010-02-04
Category CodeIgniter
This blog has been pretty quiet for a few weeks now, mainly because I have been working on a beast of an article for NetTuts called "Working with RESTful services in CodeIgniter".

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