September 2010

Power dump() on your PHP applications

Posted 2010-09-28
Category PHP
Application development going a bit slowly? Take a power dump() and get right back on track. This handy little PHP function will output the what, why, when, where of your variables and help you get back on track.

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Sturgeons Shittiest Company Award '10

Posted 2010-09-23
Category Personal

Let's face it, none of us like dealing with big companies. Long waiting times, script reading Indian call centers, uncaring supervisors and red tape. In the last two months I have had several experiences beyond ridiculous so I thought I'd share my list of companies that have pissed me off and why.

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What happened to Modular Separation?

Posted 2010-09-19
Category CodeIgniter
Modular Separation for CodeIgniter is no more. It has kicked the bucket, shuffled off the mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin' choir invisibile!! THIS IS AN EX-PARROT!!

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