November 2010

PyroCMS reaches final: v1.0

Posted 2010-11-26
Category PyroCMS

Today we are incredibly pleased to annouce the biggest update to PyroCMS in it's 14 months of it's open-source history. v1.0 may seem like a small jump in numbers from v0.9.9.7 but really this is more like a 2.0! Everything has been logically restructured, Dwoo has been replaced with an amazingly powerful Tags and Plugin syntax and its all running much quicker, while looking considerably sexier.

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Using OmniAuth to make Twitter/oAuth API requests

Posted 2010-11-16
Category Rails

Using the brilliant user system Devise and a gem called OmniAuth you can make a Rails application that logs in or registers users via Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, etc with amazing ease. But once the user has authenticated their account, how do you go about actually interacting with the API? This article will answer that for you, with some shiny code examples.

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Drumbeat Festival: 3 days of awesome

Posted 2010-11-06

For the last few days I have been in Barcelona at a brilliant event run by Mozilla called Drumbeat Festival with the slogan "Learning, Freedom and the Web". Unlike the normal Drumbeat events this was a two-day conference/festival and had 400 attendees. This event was focusing on a lot more than just web development which is what interested me, so I threw my name in to help out and went along as a blogger. This article is about my personal experiences of the event, things I have learned, people I have met and what I have taken away from it to use going forwards.

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