January 2011

Pancake v2.0 - Invoice Clients in style

Posted 2011-01-11

Pancake Payments is a super awesome invoicing application that lives on your server and can be made to keep with your brands look and best of all there are no monthly fees! This application is built on CodeIgniter so it is modular, themable and really easy to extend if you feel the need. Even better it has been brought to you by some of the people behind PyroCMS and other CodeIgniter projects like CloudIgniter!

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Introducing FuelPHP

Posted 2011-01-04
Category FuelPHP

FuelPHP has been in development for the last two months but the new PHP 5.3 framework is nearly ready to see the light of day. We're just about to roll out the v1.0.0-beta1 and so far it is holiding up pretty well. Another PHP framework you say? Read this article and I'll try to explain why you should be excited about "yet another framework".

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