February 2011

Getting involved with CodeIgniter

Posted 2011-02-15
Category CodeIgniter

What makes Reactor so much more different than CodeIgniter has been in the past? Anyone can be involved wether you are a hard-core developer who is happy to jump into the codebase and start changing things and adding features, or a new user who just wants to request some new features, you can do this on the UserVoice or send in your code using BitBucket and GitHub.

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PHP Format abstraction with a simple class

Posted 2011-02-12
Category PHP

Having a quiet night in before a long day of kayaking I thought I'd write some fun code instead of banging out the usual shit like I've been doing all day. Convert between Array, Object, JSON, XML, CSV and Serialized data and back again easily. I'll add a few more types like YAML when I can be arsed to work out PECL for MAMP.

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Geocoding API's Compared

Posted 2011-02-08

In this article I explain the pro's and con's of working with three of the most popular free geocoding services around: Google Map's API, Yahoo PlaceFinder and SimpleGeo. This review goes beyond the "I want this address on a map marker!" junk most people do and goes on to explain some of the issues faced when using these services in slightly "out of the ordinary" conditions.

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