May 2011

TravlrApp - An app for backpackers and web nomads

Posted 2011-05-12

This summer I'll be travelling around U.S.A with nothing much more than a Greyhound coach pass, a laptop, a map and of course a smart-phone. On the way I'll be meeting developers, talking at a few offices offering Git/CodeIgniter/Fuel training and having several nerd-beers along the way. To help people see what I'm up to and to help connect with people as I go I've created a funky web-app: TravlrApp. It is a social networking site to help make travelling more social, more manageable and more open.  Using services like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Instagram you can mark your activity on a map automatically and your friends can see what you've been up to. Currently it is in private beta, but invites are available to anyone who subscribes on the homepage, and existing users have 10 invites.

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