August 2011

CICON2011 and the future of CodeIgniter

Posted 2011-08-27
Category CodeIgniter

CICON2011 happened and it was awesome. We had 100 CodeIgniter nerds in the same place - which is the biggest collection of nerds since CICON2010 in the UK, but this event was so much better. We had a whole load of announcements that have changed the way the framework is contributed to and improved the whole community for the better. This is not me blowing smoke up my backside, but feedback I have had from attendees. So, what did you miss?

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Nomadic Web Development

Posted 2011-08-24
Category Personal

Anyone following me on Twitter will have seen tweets coming in from all-over the place for the last few months. Am I on holiday? Nope! I've spent the last 4 months traveling USA and Canada doing a bit of work here and there. With freelance, a passive income and some training sessions here and there I am actually making a profit on traveling the world. A few friends wanted to know more so they could do it themselves, so how can you?

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Video: Pancake 3.1 overview

Posted 2011-08-17

We've been working hard on PancakeApp - a CodeIgniter-based Invoicing system - and it's getting to be a real power-house of features. This is turning out to be more of a "Freelancers Side-kick" with not just invoicing but project management, time tracking and the starting of some great CRM features. The video is about 11 minutes but it's worth it so please take a look. In the mean-time I will be working on Milestones and Call Logs.

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