December 2011

Starting Up in Start-ups

Posted 2011-12-29
Category Personal

I spent the last three months working as a hired gun for a start-up in an incubator program called ignite100 and now I am back in the south-west for the holidays and I feel like I have learned so much in such a short space of time. Ignite100 is a three month program run in Newcastle that helps teams create relationships with helpful mentors who have experience in different fields. I am sad that the program is over but I thought I'd write up my experiences. 

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PHP Basher Bashing

Posted 2011-12-20
Category PHP

Anyone who has used PHP for a while knows that it has its ugly parts. Recently I've seen a whole swathe of PHP-bashing articles and that would be fine if they were making a valid point, but some of it has just been - as I tweeted recently - "absolute drivel". He didn't like that very much so I thought I'd follow his follow-up with an article of my own.

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PyroCMS Gets Social!

Posted 2011-12-15
Category PyroCMS

Two months ago I was doing some client work that ended up with me creating NinjAuth - a generic authentication layer between FuelPHP's auth package and social networks. I've been working on it a fair bit on and off since then and in the last week I've ported it to CodeIgniter for use with PyroCMS and it's looking brilliant! You can now use PyroCMS to drive your social site. Login and register with Facebook, Twitter, etc, attach multiple accounts to users, post blog articles to Facebook and much more on the way. Here's a video.

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