September 2012

Package Watch: Image Management

Posted 2012-09-19
Category PHP
For years I was locked into using the same frameworks for everything, mainly because my clients were hiring me specifically to use CodeIgniter based on my reputation within the community.  Now that is not the case and I can build things however I damn well like, so I am doing it properly and that is using Composer. I tweeted about some useful libraries I found, so here is what they are with an explanation of the approach and why I used it.

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No-DB Content Management Systems

Posted 2012-09-18
If you're following many designers on Twitter then you'll notice that they've just started noticing flat-file (or "No-DB") content management systems. The basic idea is you swap out the database and complicated admin panels for a simple file and folder structure and use Markdown files instead of clunky WYSIWYG boxes to manage your content. These have some pros and cons, but can definitely be an awesome tool to have in your arsenal.

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Moving On

My entire career seems to have come from being a CodeIgniter developer, and a vocal one at that. Since then I have risen up through the ranks of CodeIgniter developers to be active in maintaining it, but with my new job I just don't need to be on the team anymore. PHP 5.2 is finally dead to me, and as such I do not need to be part of a framework which focuses of PHP 5.2 compatability! It's not just CodeIgniter though, I am dropping as many of my responsibilities as I can to make way for an exciting [secret] new job.

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