October 2012

Puppet or Chef?

Posted 2012-10-28
Category DevOps
Back in the UK at PHPNE this May I saw an awesome talk from Ian Chilton, who explained very simply why using Vagrant for your development environments was a good idea. He mentioned briefly server provisioning but didn't get fully into it, and suggested we go out and play with Puppet and Chef to see which fit our needs. 

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Bye Bye PHP 5.2

The reason these applications do well is because PHP hosting has been widely available for over a decade. Because PHP is on 90% of hosting setups from dedicated systems to cheap $4 a month deals, application developers have targeted PHP to help them reach their highest audience. Sadly, PHP hosts have always been slow to upgrade, but now it seems like the vast majority have finally made PHP 5.3 a viable option not just for in-house teams but for those building distributable applications too. Finally bidding farewell to PHP 5.2 feels good!

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Cloud Hosting for PHP: The Eternal Pipe Dream

This time last year I was extremely excited about the future of Heroku-style PHP hosting services (or PaaS), which would allow developers to quickly and easily set up small hosting environmemnts that grow and scale horizontally and vertically to allow ridiculous levels of traffic. I was so excited I posted an article saying 2012 would be the year for PHP to move to the cloud. This is an account of why after a year it still sucks.

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