January 2013

PHP 6: Pissing in the Wind

Posted 2013-01-26
Category PHP
This article is completely pointless, im just saying what everyone is thinking - just so we have a record of it. PHP is well known for having an inconsistent API when it comes to PHP functions. Anyone with an anti-PHP point of view will use this as one of their top 3 arguments for why PHP sucks, while most PHP developers will point out that they don't really care. This is mostly because we're either used to it, have a god-like photographic memory or our IDE handles auto-complete so it's a moot point. For me I'm not too fussed because I spend more time trying Googling words like recepie (see, I got that wrong) recipe than I ever spend looking up PHP functions. This is how we could fix the situation - but we never will.

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Goals for 2013

Posted 2013-01-25
It's that time of year again. Well, it's nearly the end of January but building my list of random stupid things to do this year took me a little while to think up. 

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The Most Important Conversation Ever

Posted 2013-01-20
Category PHP
The world today has a lot of hot topics that need to be discussed. Washington needs to get together to help sort out the debt-ceiling to stop the US economy going down the drain, but the Democrats and the Republicans just cannot even vaguely get the conversation going because they are happy to just oppose each other until the end of time. Gun control is another hot topic, and I'm pretty sure the third-world is still struggling with debt and famine. But no, that stuff doesn't come close to the important conversations happening in comment threads of blogs all over the PHP community. Let's discuss what really matters.

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Building an iTunes feed with Octopress

Posted 2013-01-17
Category Ruby


Octopress is a great little CMS for hackers and it works on GitHub pages for free hosting, so a few PHP developers have been known to use it to smash together a basic site even thought it's using Ruby; Boo, hiss, etc. One site I've built with Octopress is for a new podcast I co-host with Ben Edmunds called PHP Town Hall. It needed an iTunes compatible RSS feed, so I built one.

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