The Tribal Framework Mindset

The PHP community has made some amazing leaps forward in the last few years, but some folks still (intentionally, or unintentionally) are contributing towards the siloing of the PHP community into framework-specific sub-sections. We used to work that was for a handful of reasons, but with Composer, the FIG and the onset of PSR's we have literally no reason to do this anymore. This article hopes to point out some of the ways in which that can happen, with potential solutions too.

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Composer with CodeIgniter

Composer is the best thing for PHP since sliced arrays and using it in your applications means you have easy access to a large selection of well written PHP packages that plug and play with any framework that supports PSR-0 namespacing. This is BRILLIANT as it means less reliablity on the framework and framework-specific code, and helps you get towards the goal of portable code where the framework is essentially just the wrapper. FuelPHP will support Composer packages out of the box as does Symfony2 and I hear Drupal are working it in too. This interoperability is brilliant, but how do you use it with CodeIgniter?

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Packages: The Way Forward for PHP

Posted 2012-03-06
Category PHP

A package is a piece of reusable code that can be dropped into any application and be used without any tinkering to add functionality to that code. You don't need to know what is happening inside, only what the API for the class(es) are so that you can archive your goal. This is how most modern programming languages work, but to make a generalisation: PHP developers hate packages. Why?

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