Building an iTunes feed with Octopress

Posted 2013-01-17
Category Ruby


Octopress is a great little CMS for hackers and it works on GitHub pages for free hosting, so a few PHP developers have been known to use it to smash together a basic site even thought it's using Ruby; Boo, hiss, etc. One site I've built with Octopress is for a new podcast I co-host with Ben Edmunds called PHP Town Hall. It needed an iTunes compatible RSS feed, so I built one.

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Puppet or Chef?

Posted 2012-10-28
Category DevOps
Back in the UK at PHPNE this May I saw an awesome talk from Ian Chilton, who explained very simply why using Vagrant for your development environments was a good idea. He mentioned briefly server provisioning but didn't get fully into it, and suggested we go out and play with Puppet and Chef to see which fit our needs. 

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No-DB Content Management Systems

Posted 2012-09-18
If you're following many designers on Twitter then you'll notice that they've just started noticing flat-file (or "No-DB") content management systems. The basic idea is you swap out the database and complicated admin panels for a simple file and folder structure and use Markdown files instead of clunky WYSIWYG boxes to manage your content. These have some pros and cons, but can definitely be an awesome tool to have in your arsenal.

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