Blooie: Chat has Changed

Posted 2012-07-24
Category FuelPHP
The last few months have been pretty mad for me. As well as the usual client work for HappyNinjas, I've been flying backwards and forwards to America for various reasons, building business around PyroCMS as it spins off into its own American "LLC", creating a 15-part screencast series for FuelPHP and the most exciting: working on a few startups with friends.

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Starting Up in Start-ups

Posted 2011-12-29
Category Personal

I spent the last three months working as a hired gun for a start-up in an incubator program called ignite100 and now I am back in the south-west for the holidays and I feel like I have learned so much in such a short space of time. Ignite100 is a three month program run in Newcastle that helps teams create relationships with helpful mentors who have experience in different fields. I am sad that the program is over but I thought I'd write up my experiences. 

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