The Template library helps your build complex views with CodeIgniter. It has logic to work with themes & modules and helps add your title, meta-data, breadcrumbs and partial views.


Template is released under the "Don't Be a Dick Public License", which you can read in all its glory here:


  1. Download the latest version:
  2. Copy the files from this package to the correspoding folder in your application folder. For example, copy Template/config/template.php to application/config/template.php.

Loading Template

You load Template just link any other library:


You can also autoload the library.

Configuration Options

To change configuration options simply edit the application/config/template.php file.


Edit the template $config array as needed:

NOTE: You can only use the Parser if you have also installed a Parser extensions like codeigniter-dwoo. This is because CI_Parser does not play nicely with arrays.