Anyone who knows me better than my Twitter profile will know I have a love/hate relationship with my reputation, and the online persona that goes with it.

The last PSR from the FIG to be sent out into the world, to be used by whoever felt like using it, was PSR-4: Autoloader. Now people are starting to hear about PSR-7, and they're starting to lolphp, wondering what has happened to PSR-5 and PSR-6.

Today was the feature freeze for PHP 7. That means no new votes can be started for a feature that is aimed at PHP 7.0, and would instead have to go into PHP 7.1.

A run through of the Return Void Type, why it can be useful and why some of the points against are not so strong to me.

Dear PHP Community: These are the folks behind The League of Extraordinary Packages, who you should know, but maybe do not.

If you have documentation for any sort of HTTP-based API, from a micro-service to a non-trivial RESTful API, if it has existed for more than a week it has got some mistakes in it. Documentation degrades over time. This article aims to help you ensure that your API documentation keeps entirely in line with the implementation, utilizing two tools: API Blueprint and Dredd.

Some people like to take a quick walk down memory lane in January, and post their highlights of the previous year.