I figured it is about time I start selling some of my work as the number of libraries and projects I have released open-source means I spent a silly amount of time answering support requests for free. As a step towards financial gain from coding I figured I’d give CodeCanyon a try, which so far is going fairly well.

I have created a really simple standalone RESTful framework that lets you use CodeIgniter style controllers without any of the weight of using a whole framework. It lets you handle GET, POST, PUT, DELETE requests with ease and return data in XML, JSON, HTML tables, Serialize, PHP syntax and CSV.

Sound familiar? Well it should! The codebase is based on my CodeIgniter REST_Controller which has been out for a long time now. It was a big part of my EECI2009 talk “Slides: Igniting your web-service”) and was the basis of my recent NetTuts article Working with RESTful Services in CodeIgniter.

Anyway, if you like my CodeIgniter REST_Controller but do not always want to have CodeIgniter on your REST server, give this a try. It is only 3 PHP files: index.php, config.php and REST.php class file then a .htaccess and your controllers. Very lightweight, very easy to use and incredibly useful for flexible RESTful APi’s.

For only $7, what do you have to lose?

Buy Tiny REST Framework from CodeCanyon

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Published 01 Feb 2014


Phil Sturgeon

I used to contribute to the PHP-FIG, The League of Extraordinary Packages, PHP The Right Way, CodeIgniter, FuelPHP, PyroCMS and a bunch of other stuff, but I gave it all up to join the circus

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