We’ve been working hard on PancakeApp - a CodeIgniter-based Invoicing system - and it’s getting to be a real power-house of features. This is turning out to be more of a “Freelancers Side-kick” with not just invoicing but project management, time tracking and the starting of some great CRM features. The video is about 11 minutes but it’s worth it so please take a look. In the mean-time I will be working on Milestones and Call Logs.

If you like the look of PancakeApp then take a look at the site for more information. I’m not just another guy selling another product, I generally think PancakeApp is a brilliant addition to any freelancer or small businesses armoury of software. I used to use an application for Invoicing, one for Project Management and another for Time Tracking, all of which cost a download free or a monthly subscription. PancakeApp does the lot and once it’s downloaded you never have to pay again. Hell you never even have to UPGRADE again, it does it for you as soon as a new version comes out with the auto-updater.

I have set up a discount code for the first 10 sales to save you the price of a good beer. The code is “have_a_beer_0811” and will knock $7 off the download price. Go grab it!


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Published 01 Feb 2014


Phil Sturgeon

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